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With the advent of popular TV programmes such as America’s & Britain’s Next Top Model and with the success of Music Video Models more and more young men and women than ever before want to become models. Successful models enjoy fantastic opportunities to travel the world and potentially earn a very good living.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Mahogany Model like the men and women on this site? If so, this page will give you lots of information about what you need to do and take you to the next step in breaking into the modelling business.

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Your commitment

It is very important to understand that this is a highly competitive industry where models must work hard and take care of their looks and body by eating well and exercising regularly.

More importantly models must be extremely professional, which means they must always be on time for castings or assignments, have a fantastic positive attitude and be prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done for the client. If you can do all this, your chances of being successful and having a good career will increase enormously. Competition for work is fierce and much more is expected from models than ever before but Mahogany Model Management is here to help and give advice to all of our models.

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Join the Mahogany Models Online Directory

Another way for models to gain experience without necessarily being on Mahogany Model Management's books is to join the online directory.

The directory provides a listing service for models to advertise their services directly to agencies (who may then sign them onto their own books) and to casting directors. In addition we post numerous jobs on the website such as acting, modelling, singing etc for which you can apply yourself. Many models get lots of jobs themselves from the directory (and you are not required to pay us any commission for jobs that you get yourself). Since you aren't represented by us, you are able to negotiate your own rates and fees. The only way to access these jobs and the wealth of information is to pay the appropriate fee and join.


How much will it cost you to join Mahogany Model Management?

Not a penny, we do not charge fees: we earn our money from commissions or royalties directly from our clients or via the fees from the work that the model does. We do not charge a joining fee or a fee to place you on our website and neither do we insist that you use one of our photographers to do your portfolio but if you do not have a portfolio we will not be able to sign you formally to the agency. We advise all models that if an agency asks you to pay a fee to join them, insists you must do an expensive portfolio before you join or pay an administration fee, then simply say no and walk away.  

However as a model you must expect to invest in your career and will have to spend some money to get started.

Do we guarantee you work?

We cannot and do not guarantee that we will find you work but we will do our best as we only make money if you make money.

Why might I be asked to do a test shoot or a mini portfolio?

If you have no experience or professional pictures we can only assess you properly once we have seen some professional pictures of you. It also gives you the opportunity to gain some invaluable experience of working under the conditions of a professional photoshoot with a professional photographer.

Time and time again models tell us that they have spent hundreds of pounds, even up to £1,000 or more, on a portfolio which might look nice but is not suitable for a professional modelling agency to use. The ideal model portfolio book should consist of up to 15 top quality a4 size pictures taken by a variety of photographers and include colour, black and white, studio and location pictures and any tears sheets that you may have.

Is it very expensive to do a test shoot?

All models need a portfolio to get started within the industry and the aim of Mahogany Model Management is to give aspiring or inexperienced models the opportunity to get started within the modelling industry by providing a reasonably cost effective way to obtain a portfolio by some of the industry’s leading photographers. If you wish to book a portfolio shoot please click here and choose the photographer you would like to use to do your photoshoot.

Can I or should I join more than one agency?

We encourage our models to sign with different agencies, but we advise that you only join reputable agencies. Ensure you read your contract very carefully and do not sign an exclusive contract unless within the contract they are guaranteeing you a sufficient amount of income per month or per annum. Also make sure you inform the new agency of any other agencies you are already signed too.